We thank you, Mother Earth

Throughout the pandemic lockdown, many of us have strengthened our bonds to nature, as we have realized how fragile and connected we all are.

With that in mind, we asked this group of creative women and girls – from six countries to share their illustrated thoughts about Earth Day.

Some of that work serves as a celebration, while others used their art to provide a caution about how we care for Mother Earth.

We invite you to take some time to reflect on how you might lighten your footprint in the coming year – while enjoying the magic and majesty right outside.

We wish you a wonderful 2021.

Suzette Moyer
Sara Quinn
Kris Viesselman

Dreams for a better 2021

As we enter the last few months of 2020, there is an opportunity to hope for a better 2021. We asked this group of creative women – from nine countries – to do just that. What follows are their illustrated dreams for the next year.

While the participants did not see each other’s work before publication, several common themes emerge. On the eve of the U.S. election, some reference political change, others are focused on personal growth, family and friends. We encourage you to take time to study these illustrations carefully. Some surprises and subversions are in the details.

Finally, we ask you, our readers, to imagine what you would illustrate if given this challenge.

We wish you happy, healthy holidays and hope to see you again early next year.


Welcome to Wander

The first half of 2020 has been challenging for everyone. People who make their living doing something creative are among those most heavily impacted by a quickly changing work landscape, instability, stifling fears and a soul-sucking lockdown.

As an antidote, we invited some of the most talented people we know — who also happen to be women — to contribute to a magazine about finding inspiration during the pandemic.

Included in this premiere issue is a collection of musings from our stellar group of illustrators, designers, photographers and fine artists from around the world.

We’re hoping you’ll find their work as inspiring as we do!

Suzette Moyer
Sara Quinn
Kris Viesselman